An error happened while processing your certificate (Code: 1214): Private key does not match public key (Code: 2300)

The SSL Certificate download from my Godaddy and try to upload to Cloudflare Crypto.

Copy/paste issue?? Looks likes an extra line under -----END Certificate----- for SSL.

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I would assume the extra line not to be an issue, but I second @Withheld’s theory of copy and paste.

The reason for my response is a different one though. Unless this is a paid certificate (in which case balance between fee versus the risk might be in favour of the fee) I would drop this certificate and create a new one. The screenshot you posted does not blur the private key enough.
Also the certificate part doesnt need any blurring at all as this is public anyhow.

Hi all,

Thank you for your replies, the problem has been solved. The issue is that I used the wrong key.

And yes @sandro, the certificate has been regenerated.

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