An automated way to be removed from Suppression List?


my account cannot be verified, due to this email not being able to receive external emails at the time when I registered the account. I believe it was added to suppression list due to that. I have 6 projects there, one of them being very important, and I wanted to add 2FA, but nothing works. I cannot change email address, nor add 2FA, nor add any other user, all because the email is not verified.

Is there some way or some request that I can do get this fix?

Kind regards

You’ll want to add [email protected] to your email contact list, or make sure to allow all emails from this address.

I’m not seeing any recent emails being sent to you. Go ahead and resend the verification email from your profile page. Then open up a ticket if/when you don’t receive the email. Either I or the team can take a look to manually remove your email from the suppression list if necessary.


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