An attacker is doing a dns attack on my webpage and I'm losing traffic

I’m going to transfer my domain name to
Domain name is protected from the attack of dns when it is registered in
My domain name is

Can a DNS attack be made to a hidden ip address?


Cloudflare does provide DDoS protection DDoS Protection & Mitigation Solutions

How do I get rid of the dns attack?

For starters, create a Cloudflare account, configure your nameservers, place the domain “I’m under Under Attack Mode”, you can also create Rate Limiting rules, User Agent Blocking rules, or Firewall rules if you know the IP’s/AS where the attack may be originating from.

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I’m sure of the dns attack.

Should my server’s IP address be open for DNS attack?

I have no idea what protection is offered by GoDaddy.

No, exposing the origin IP can leave you vulnerable to an attack. Did you turn on under attach mode on the overview tab?

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The IP addresses of my web pages are Cloudflare proxy and confidential.

dns amplification attack

My web visitor is redirecting to a page that dns wants via dns.
Only a part of all my visitors.

When I change my website “A record”, the visitor increases 1 or 2 minutes and then falls again.

Sorry I don’t get it. Can you explain this further?
Let’s try it in your native language.

In the meantime do what @Withheld wrote here
An attacker is doing a dns attack on my webpage and I'm losing traffic - #4 by Withheld

Next step: restrict access to your server to this networks
IP Ranges through your GoDaddy
control panel or server firewall. Be careful if you need SSH or RDP accesss and ensure you don’t lock out yourself.

Btw. This is how a DNS amplification works

You description sounds different to me.

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