An A, AAAA or CNAME record was not found for the www subdomain. The subdomain will not resolve

se muestra en pantalla un error de cname, alguien tiene informacion para poder superar esta alerta…


Can you share the specific text of the error?

You need another item in that DNS list with a name of ‘www’ without the quotation marks.

Try making it a CNAME that is just like the marathon store entry.

Now they point to each other, which is not good.

Where is your site hosted?

servidores locales, mi dominio esta en godaddy

Your DNS record should probably be an “A” record that points to an IP address. Your GoDaddy account should show you the correct DNS records.

estos son los servidores dns condigurados en godaddy

Correct, but GoDaddy hosts your site and has DNS settings you need to copy to Cloudflare. What you have here is not correct for marathon store or www.

no, godaddy solo me brinda el dominio mi sitio esta alojado en servidores locales.

In which case, you need to configure an A record with the IP of the server as @sdayman said

mis servidores estan configurados con vpn argo tunel … no se encuentran publicados directamente.

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