An A, AAAA or CNAME record already exists with that host

Hi everyone,
as you can see from the image that I have attached I have a problem.

Basically I created a school on teachable “nameofschool .”.

I purchased the domain on godaddy “nameofschool . com”.

The problem is on cloudflare.

Cloudflare has already entered cname fields for me (he did it, I have not entered those fields). What should I do. Delete those two cnames that he entered me and insert the two that I have to enter?

I am following the teachable steps described in this link step by step.

Can you kindly help me.

You can simply edit those or delete and add new ones as you wish.

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Thanks for the reply.

One last thing.

I also need to change the “proxy status” from “proxied” to “DNS only”, right?

thats upto you if you need cloudflare ddos protection, WAF, workers etc…

I do not understand

As you can see on this teachable page.


it says. “In the Name field, enter “www”. In the Target field, enter your Teachable domain (e.g. Toggle the Proxy status to DNS only .”

Since they manage all the protection, you don’t need to proxy ( :orange: ) instead make sure your records are non-proxied ( :grey: = DNS only)

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Perfect, then I proceed to change the 2 CNAME fields and change the PROXY STATUS from “proxied” to “DNS only”.


good to hear it works.

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