Amp Validator False Result With "amp-skimlinks" Component


We’re seeing a pernicious false negative with Cloudflare’s AMP validation.

Sample page:

For our AMP pages containing the “amp-skimlinks” component, we get this output from the Cloudflare AMP validation API:

“errors”: [
“col”: 17847,
“error”: “Custom JavaScript is not allowed.”,
“help”: “”,
“line”: 56
“col”: 41,
“error”: “The tag ‘amp-skimlinks’ is disallowed.”,
“line”: 73
“source”: “”,
“valid”: false,
“version”: “1530043289240”

However, checking the above “source” url via Google’s AMP validation here:

…shows a fully validating page.

Any ideas why this discrepancy would be happening?

Thanks, ~Jeff


I had a closer look at the issue and this doesn’t seem to be directly related to amp-skimlinks.
I think it’s a more general issue with the Cloudflare AMP validator API, they probably are using an outdated version of the AMP validator. I raised the issue in the amphtml project, hopefully they can help. .

Software engineer at Skimlinks

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