AMP URL not working


I have implemented Amp 3 days back on my blog and also the AMP real url is on in my cloudflare dashboard but still my sites real url is not showing. what to do?

How long will it take ?

AMP Real URL isn’t supported in Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge. Make sure you’re trying with a mobile Chrome browser on Android (iOS chrome does not use the chrome engine).


Same problem. Activated AMP in Cloudflare dashboard 10 days ago. Nothing happen. Chrome on Android not showing cached version.

Except activating in Cloudflare site i need to do something else?

Sir thanks alot for the reply . atleast someone replied.

it has been 5 days now but still my blog is not showing the amp real url.

And one more thing that i want to add is that, i tried with chrome android as well but still it is not working.

i have attached a screenshot of my search console. can you please check and tell me some possible solution. (if possible?)

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