AMP Traffic reducing #requests



The site in question is moderately active with an average of 1.2M - 1.5M requests monthly. The site generates revenue from Ads. We implemented “AMP” pages about 2 months ago. The revenue has gone up in the past 2 months while the requests have been slashed to a 1/3 of normal (500K)l. This can only be attributable to the AMP page strategy we implemented (unless someone else proves us wrong). That said, the AMP (Google) cache url is a sub-domain in “amp world” and (per their docs).

“For example, will map to Where technical limitations prevent a human readable subdomain, a one-way hash will be used instead.”

What do you think?


I just saw a tumbleweed roll past this post.

I see a few Cloudflare amp url’s in GA. Thinking there would be more.