AMP Real URL - requested feedback

I received word Cloudflare AMP Real URL has been activated for me…ish. The troubles:

  1. The “Cloudflare AMP Real URL is now live” email does not have a link to submit feedback. Hence I’m doing it here.
    Well OK there is a feedback link, but it’s a survey, with just one line to express actual feedback.
    Because of (2) and (3) below, I cannot fill out the survey intelligently.

  2. The email does not clearly state which domain(s) the service is enabled on. Or if it’s account-wide, etc.

From the email:

Cloudflare AMP Real URL has now been enabled for your account. We’re excited to include you amongst the first Cloudflare customers to have access to this service.

Does that mean every domain in my account? Or did that mean just the two domains in my account where I requested access? Or maybe just the first domain that I requested the service weeks ahead of the second domain?

  1. The UI for the service does not show that the service is now live. It’s looked like this from the second I turned the button on, waiting for it to be activated.

Note also it says I’d be notified when activated on my site. But the email used the word account. Either way, “site” is wrong because a domain can have many sites but the toggle is per domain.

All this terminology should be cleared up and unified to avoid confusion.


A: It is the entire account that gets APR-RU activated. I have more than one AMP site that I turned the toggle on for. I tested the certs on both, and they both download properly.