Amp pages aren't changing after edition

Hello, I use the amoforwp plugin to generate the amp pages for my site. I noticed that the changes I make to the amp pages only appear when I’m logged in to Wordpress. When I access the site via incognito or another browser, nothing changes. I use the Cache Level: Cache Everything, Edge Cache TTL: 4 hours, Bypass Cache on Cookie setting in a page rule, and my amp pages are the normal pages, with a /amp at the end of the url

Nothing changes ever? Or it takes the 4 hours the file was cached to clear before the change appears?

That would seem to fit with the page rule settings you have in place.

Unfortunately nothing happens, not even in the 4 hours. Is it necessary to create a cache bypass rule for /*/amp pages?

What happens if you flush Cloudflare’s cache?

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The strangest thing is that not even flushing Cloudflare’s cache this problem is solved. I can only access the updated page while logged into Wordpress. If I access it from an incognito tab or another browser, I can’t see the changes.

Just to add a note, Google also keeps the cached AMP version of your webpage on it’s servers too for some particular period.