AMP Full Site x Minify Css x Adsense

my website is FULL AMP. Does the Minify CSS / HTML function work for it or is it exclusive to Non Amp sites? Won’t he break? I also use Adsense on it, is there any risk of having a problem with Google’s monetization/policy? Thanks

I use Auto Minify - but only HTML and CSS on my /amp/ URLs (not the JavaScript minification).
Also, Rocket Loader disabled for them (combined in a Page Rule).

And I also have AdSense on AMP URLs.

  • Just to add a note, AMP has got different implementation of AdSense ads.

Despite if that, I also use Polish and Mirage (Pro plan) on AMP URLs.

So far, all good. I did not received any decrease or penalty notifications yet.

Hope my feedback helps you a bit.

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Thanks so much !

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