AMP Cloudflare Optimizer


I have been trying to utilize the “Deploy with Workers” for the AMP Cloudflare Optimizer and there seems to be an error even when following instructions - Is there a known bug in the system or is it just not compatible? I connected Cloudflare to my GitHub account and forked the repository but it does not seem to work.

Also, as a last resort, I am trying to figure out how to write it and publish it myself as I have already purchased the $5 Worker plan but I am not sure what I need to download to use as my local code writer to publish to my Cloudflare account. I am not exactly sure how to connect to my Cloudflare account if I can use Visual Studio.

Any help or other resources would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Tug,

Not aware of any wider issues with the deploy with workers buttons, but this AMP optimiser looks like a 3rd party tool - so it’s best to raise an issue on github for the authors to take a look:

The instructions imply that deploying for Cloudflare zones should be straightforward - just edit the config to add your domain - so if something isn’t operating it’s best to raise the issue with the authors.

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Thank you for that! I will be sure to contact them.

I was originally trying to set it up with Visual Studio but I could not figure out how to set it up correctly. Deploying with Workers seems much easier.