AMP Blocking Main Thread for 2876 milliseconds


Our website ( consistently gets a Google PageSpeed Insight score of “36” and reports that AMP is blocking the main thread for 2876 milliseconds, script named /v0.js. We purchased AMP Pro for our VPS dedicated Wordpress hosting account and are running Autoptimize and WP Rocket. We contacted AMP and they have no idea what’s wrong. Our only hope is to apply a CDN. Please advise if Cloudflare Pro will fix this repeatable page speed problem before our purchase. Of course, when we immediately rerun the page speed test, the score is much higher because the testing server has cached our website. We have to wait 24 hours to retest our website to repeat the very, very low page speed score.

Not sure about it.

It should be only used and visible to an /amp/ URLs.

Disable autooptimize for your AMP pages (URLs).

Not sure about WP Rocket, but here is an article how to setuo WP Rocket and Cloudflare:

Moreover, regarding AMP and WP Rocket, I haven’t used that kind of combination, but at Cloudflare there is an option at Cloudflare dashboard to enable AMP Real URL in case of any errors show up regarding HTTP Signed Exchanges (SXG).

I truly believe it should help you, regarding TCP Turbo for mobile users and Polish and Mirage options for image optimization and compression. I use Cloudflare Pro plan on multiple websites.

Moreover, kindly don’t depend only on Google PageSpeed tool. Because it cachecs 28-30 days results and show “not good” either if you fixed it.
Try using Google Chrome and extension Lighthouse to test in real-time. Also to note here, the pagespeed tool should soon, if not already, support HTTP/2.

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