Amending DNS records

Our webhost provider has migrated our sites to a new server. I’ve updated the DNS A records on Cloudflare (which are configured as Proxied) to the new IP address, but the site is getting a Cloudflare 523 error page.

Please advise


If you have set the A record correctly, then you will need to ask your host. Error 523 means the origin server can’t be reached by Cloudflare.

Make sure the server is working on that IP address for your domain and for http and https (pause Cloudflare or set the DNS record to “DNS only” while you debug it) and that no Cloudflare IP addresses are blocked.

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Thanks for the response and suggestion of setting the DNS record to DNS only - issue now resolved! :slight_smile:

Did you fix the underlying cause and switch back to “proxied”? If not proxied, no traffic will pass through Cloudflare so no Cloudflare features or protections will be applied. (Some hosts won’t work with proxied records though, or need them unproxied to validate them).

Thanks, yes, once issue was identified, DNS has been set back to proxied.

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