AMAZON SES Error: Invalid TXT record. Record may only contain printable ASCII

hello as title says when i try to add txt record from amazon i do recieve this error but when i do just add cnames it verifies except only DKIM Signing

so i need help here what do i do wrong ?

Can you post a screenshot of the error and what exactly you were trying to add?

|Record Type:|TXT (Text)|

|TXT Name*:||
|TXT Value:|o0d9RyD5Suxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx+i/xxxxxxxxxxxxx

A TXT record is a type of DNS record that provides additional information about your domain. The procedure for adding TXT records to your domain’s DNS settings depends on who provides your DNS service. For general information, see Amazon SES Domain Verification TXT Records.

NOTE: If your DNS provider does not allow underscores in record names, you can omit _amazonses from the record name. To help you easily identify this record within your domain’s DNS settings, you can optionally prefix the record value with amazonses:


You might have a blank space at the end you need to delete.

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ok solved thanks

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