Amazon SES DNS MX record issue in Cloudflare

I’m setting up Amazon SES as my SMTP email service for newsletter. In Amazon SES, when verifying my domain for “Mail From”, it instructs me to modify the MX dns record to However, when I do that, Cloudflare states “Add an MX record for your root domain so that mail can reach @ addresses.”

You can only have 1 MX record, and I want to be able to send/receive messages from my domain, however, I also want emails sent through SES to use my domain as the Mail From. How can I remedy?

That’s not entirely true. You can have two with the same hostname, but they should point to the same mail provider.

It will often say this if it sees you don’t have an MX record. It’s not required if you don’t actually receive email at that hostname.

I’m just not clear on what’s really going on. It sounds like you’ve added an MX record for your domain, but you also see a warning that your domain needs an MX record. How is this possible? Or is SES using a subdomain?

I’m afraid you’ve left out too much information to get an adequate response to your situation.

Thanks for the reply. I created 3 MX records.

  1. web.mydomain - which is the default for emails sent/received from my server (e.g. non SES emails)
  2. mydomain - b/c of the cloudflare warning
  3. mail.mydomain, with - in order to have emails sent through SES signed with my domain

The goal is to have all emails sent/received signed w/ my domain, including SES emails (my newsletters). Do you see any issues with this setup?

  1. Your non-SES email would generally be [email protected] format. Not a ‘web’ subdomain ([email protected]).
  2. This is the one you should be using for regular email.
  3. It’d make more sense if this was a subdomain such as “mail” is a standard subdomain for handing regular email. Won’t SES let you pick your own subdomain so they won’t use that ‘mail’ one?

Ultimately, this is a DNS issue, not a Cloudflare issue. Cloudflare will publish whatever DNS records you ask it to. It’s up to you, or a mail admin, to know how to configure DNS for your particular situation.

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