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Can anybody give me some assistance on setting up my DNS records on Amazon Route 53. There are 4 AWS assigned servers but this message shows up when I try to update with the Cloudflare records.

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I’ve never used Route 53, but you should ignore this alert. If you copied properly your Cloudflare’s nameservers, there shouldn’t be any issues. If you introduced them wrong, you’ll always be capable to change them later.

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Clipboard copied verbatim 4 days ago. The changes didn’t propagate I’m not doing something properly as suggested by the message in my OP

Yeah. Route53 is strange this way, when you update the nameservers via the Zones panel it doesn’t work properly.

To properly update nameservers, go to Registered Domains on the left sidebar, then click on your domain, then click Change Nameservers under the 4 listed nameservers on the top right.

Click the X beside them all (deleting them) then add the 2 that Cloudflare gives you and hit Save.

There’s a tutorial here if you need more info:


Thanks. This worked perfect!

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