Amazon revoke domain verification because of not finding txt record in cloudflare after some days

Amazon keep revoking my txt record which I set in cloudflare.
Verification always works fine. But after some days, Amazon disable my domain verification for ses service. And says, there is no txt record in your DNS zone.

Any ideas?

You might not have correctly set your name servers. What’s the domain?

my domain is

but the verification goes well. revoking happens afterward.

The TXT record is definitely there, and I can’t imagine it not being available at times.

You may want to try writing a script that runs every minute to query for that TXT record and look for outages. Or contact Amazon to find out more about their process and why it doesn’t automatically retry.

The only thing I see with your domain is this status, which sometimes causes problems:

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The TXT record is there in my cloudflare panel. But it is not visible from the outside.
Why? I don’t know

Oh, it’s definitely visible from the outside:

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I set Cname and TXT record in Cloudflare. But it’s not visible from the outside. It was visible for the first two weeks then it’s gone.
Does anybody have the same issue?

What exactly do you mean by this? As @sdayman already said twice, it’s definitely there.

$ dig TXT +short

so why Amazon keeps revoking my domain verification. I did not have that problem before joining cloudflare. You are right. The DNS records are in my DNS zone in cloudflare. But there would be something wrong.

We have no insight into Amazon’s back end processes. You’ll have to ask them why they’re revoking verification when I can find no evidence of a missing TXT record.

They don’t have any customer service for the basic account.

That certainly takes away some of the usefulness, eh?

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