Amazon EC2 + Cloudflare = Slow


We are using Amazon EC2 and we have SSL through Cloudflare.

Our site is very slow and our freelance developer tells us the following:

“I can see a strange behaviour how our website is sever with the domain. Our amazon EC2 instance IP is (numbers) where the site is running, however when i ping the (domain name) it returns this IP (numbers) which i believe is coming from your domain DNS and you have setup some redirect rules which is causing the performance issues for sure.”

So, the first IP is coming from AWS and the second IP is coming from Cloudflare, after looking it up. The thing is, we are not using any redirect rules in Cloudflare and this IP he mentions does not show up in our DNS settings.

Our domain is registered via another provider but there are no DNS redirect rules over there either, and the IP he mentions is obviously coming from Cloudflare.

Anyone here who might have an idea what can be the solution?

When using Cloudflare (CF), your website is proxied by CF servers so it is normal to see CF IPs.
For slowness of your website we your website address.

Hello Xaq,

Thanks for your reply!

Yes, that’s what I was thinking and I really can’t see why this should result in the website being slow.

Our website/marketplace is: hidden, the landing page is quite fast because of caching but all other pages is very slow, such as: hidden

Inside your Cloudflare panel where you set NS records there is a :orange: beside your A record. Make it :grey: (bypass Cloudflare) and test the speed. If it is still slow, it has nothing to do with Cloudflare.

If you don’t have SSL on your web-server you need to test the http version of your website when bypassing CF.

I believe it has nothing to do with Cloudflare at all, it’s your website which is running slow in this case, if it was an issue with Cloudflare then your homepage (landing page) should also have been super slow as your other pages in site. i also have my client’s site running on AWS EC2 with Cloudflare on (with proxy) and runs very smoothly and fast.

Check your server’s performance, check server setup of yours.

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