AMAZON-AES 14618 block

Hello everybody,

I’m new in CF. I use WAF to block ASN’s and usually it works well. I noticed huge traffic increase from AMAZON-AES 14618 and tried to block it like always. However while data transfer decreased number of requests remains huge. I will appreciate tips how to stop it.

Hi, if you want to block whole ASN traffic - you can add an IP Access Rule and input AS14168

If you are still seeing traffic from this ASN;

  • In Cloudflare Security Events
    Please submit a support ticket or search the community for similar reports

  • At your origin server
    This might mean that your origin server is exposed, i.e., reachable from outside Cloudflare. Exposed IP addresses · Cloudflare DNS docs

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Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately after IP block of AS14168 I can still see requests from AS14618

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