Amazon ad network on cloudflare

I am having issues with amazon affiliate links and ad networks being hosted on the CDN… Can anyone guide me how to host them on Cloudflare?

Cloudflare doesn’t host content. It simply provides various caching tools to help aid your host. Hope that helps!

I am having an error in GT Metrix that says
these static components aren’t on CDN

This is an issue with GT Metrix not recognizing Amazon’s Ad System CDN. I’d take it up with their support.

Alright… I see they are taking a lot of time to load as well due to CSS involved in it… what do you recommend in such a case?

While I know very little about Amazon’s Ad System it looks like there’s not much you can do since the JS/CSS are on their servers. Try consolidating files as much as possible. The fewer HTTP requests and downloads, the better.

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