Am I still under DDoS Attack?

Hi all,

I’ve been a Cloudflare member for just under a month due to my website and blog site. My ISP stopped my website and blog saying it was under a DDoS attack and I should get a Cloudflare account to sort that out; they would then switch my site back on. I did the dutiful thing a got a Cloudflare account, sorted the DNS and they still complained about the DDoS at the ISPs shared server and said I should click the I am under attack option. Once that was ticked the ISP was happy and started my site again. Of course, now there is a 5 second delay for every user that wishes to visit my site. Unfortunately this has had a negative impact on my blog and Blogger can’t navigate it and doesn’t get to my actual blog. My new blog posts are no longer listed in Blogger.

I am assuming that it is the 5 second delay that is causing the problem and I also assume that if I switch off the I am under attack option then things will return to normal. However, if the DDoS is still on going then my ISP will once again switch of my site and blog.

How can I determine, using the Cloudflare logs if the DDoS has stopped or not and if it is safe to disable the I am under attack option?

Thanks in advance.


You could set it one level down from “Attack” to “High”. That should still filter out most but make the site normally accessible again. If you still notice a high number of attacks you could switch back, you might want to monitor your logs when you switch to “High” in order to react in time.

Do the firewall events say anything?

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