Am I charged for Cloudflare Images if the image would otherwise be cached by CF caching rules?

Hi! Just looking for quick clarification of how pricing works for Cloudflare Images.

We currently serve about 4 billion images per month through Cloudflare. Due to caching rules (and the new tiered caching - awesome!), only about 10 million of those end up making origin requests.

If we were to start using Cloudflare Images, would we be looking at $40,000 a month, or $100?

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How many source images are there? That’s $5 per 100,000 images.

But I do think the 4 billion will be your downfall, as it’s priced by delivered images. I look at this as something similar to the Stream product. The files are hosted by Cloudflare, then sent on demand and charged per delivery.


The number of source images is comparatively negligible - maybe a couple hundred thousand.

If the relevant number here is 4 billion delivered images (as opposed to 10 million origin hits), then that makes it a bit less attractive unfortunately :stuck_out_tongue: