Am I blocklisted at home or something?

I’m sitting at home at the moment and running normal Internet apps.
I had a blackout here about a day or 2 ago. Ever since that blackout and my router restart, I’ve been seeing a significant increase in the number of websites that show the Cloudflare ‘checking’ page, before I get to see the website. I’m also using an app that pulls some API information and that also has been failing since the router restart. I suspect some possible Cloudflare interference.

Why would this increase in Cloudflare checking be happening and what can I do about it?
This is driving me nuts.

Cloudflare is not blocking you, website owners are.

Website admins use Cloudflare as their tool, and part of the tooling provided by Cloudflare includes challenging requests based on IP reputation. In all likelihood, your IP changed when your router was restarted, and you’ve been assigned an IP that was previously used to nefarious purposes.

There’s nothing this community can do about this.

All I can suggest is that perhaps if you turn off (unplug from the wall) you router, then turn it back on, and perhaps your internet provider might replace your current IP address with one that’s not blocked by website admins. (But if that doesn’t work, you then should contact your ISP and ask them for further assistance.)


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