Am I allowed to host a CDN

Am I allowed to host a CDN under my domain and use Cloudflare proxy to protect myself from DDoS?

Basically the question says it all, I want to be able to host images, gifs for my website usage and it could have a lot of images over time, but I want to know if proxying that subdomain would be allowed by Cloudflare or if it violates ToS, as I read in terms (2 weeks ago) saying non-HTML content is prohibited (which I can’t find anymore cuz the terms seems to be changed now)

Some things have been moved around, to provide more clarity about terms for specific products.

→ Service-Specific Terms → Application Services → Content Delivery Network:

So I was checking and I clicked “Add a Website” but that doesn’t seem to work? It just takes to me to the main dashboard page

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