Am I able to get any kind of DoS Protection for my GAME server here?

Hello. My name is AJ. I host a video game server on a game called Primal Carnage: Extinction on STEAM. This game has a huge problem though. I run my server through a game server hosting company known as

This company however is unable to provide the specific DDOS protection for my game server in particular however and they directed me here. My server CONSTANTLY gets DoS attacked. Now I understand that this company here seems to only offer DoS protection with websites or applications. But I was told by PingPerfect that I can get help from you guys regarding my Game Server if I contacted support directly. Well… Here I am needing help. Is this something you guys can help me with? And more specifically, will you actually be able to save my game server? According to PingPerfect, the way my server is being DoS attacked is by (And I quote)

“As aforementioned by my colleague James Rimmer, the attack method here is not like your traditional DoS but an exploit within Unreal Engine (the game engine that Primal Carnage use) this method allows people to send login packets to a server with no limitations. Theoretically, what they are doing is spamming login attempts to your server. Unreal Engine has provided mitigation options within the engine for game developers to use to help resolve this issue, but Primal Carnage has not used these provided options which is why people are still able to use the exploit.”

(End Quote)

Now even though this is some sort of engine issue, you guys specialize in this kind of stuff. And Ping Perfect seems to think you can help according to their Chief staff. They of course don’t guarantee it because they are unsure. But I just want to try everything that I can possibly try.

The DoS attacks are not even that big, but it’s enough to constantly crash the server.

I would also like to add, they seem to have it setup like a bot. I mean, it’s constant and never stops. And almost always happen at certain times of day from afternoon to late at night. I don’t feel like they are manually monitoring my server but has an automated system to do it. That’s what it feels like.

Cloudflare only has two options for non-HTTP traffic - Cloudflare Tunnels and Cloudflare Spectrum.

Tunnels would require every client who is joining your server to have some software running locally -

Spectrum only supports SSH, RDP and Minecraft until you’re at the Enterprise level -

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