Am having more than 220 connections on my server from cloudflare IPs

I don’t know why I am getting a Ddos attack from Cloudflare?

Are you a Cloudflare customer? (your site is using Cloudflare’s services?)

Yes all the IPs my server is blocking are all from cloudflare

That’s not what I asked.

What’s the domain?

That domain is proxied by Cloudflare, but your server is not properly configured.

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here are the logs from (D)DoS Deflate Interface: ( US|United ) with 220 connections. ( US|United ) with 202 connections.
I have to install mod_remoteip right?


Well, the first page is the DDOS attack page (which can be triggered if an IP is suspicious or IUAM “I’m Under Attack Mode” is activated will cause ALL IP addresses that visit the site to get this page!)
I get this page first

Followed by this CAPTCHA (human verification) check page

But it doesn’t block me from accessing the site (I was able to get in after those 2 checks)
However, in a DDOS attack, at least one of those pages will occur!
Hope that helps!