Am having Error at login page

When my domain pointed to my hosting provider it will works well but slow
Then when i point it to cloudflare it will load fast but having errors at users login and registration forms when users are trying to login or register on the site, the error says “there is something wrong with the security please check Admin panel”

And my hosting provider have tried all they could at their end but the error is still showing so they said that the error is from cloudflare that I should contact cloudflare to fix it.
Now since I can’t contact cloudflare as am under free plan.
Pls anyone with this issue should help.

Whatever WPO is, it’s caching that page. Have you tried disabling it?

wpo-cache-status: cached

It’s also possible your server isn’t restoring visitor IP address, which confuses a site when it sees multiple visitors from the same IP address, and/or a user’s IP address changes during login.

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