Always use HTTPS should NOT enforce if SSL is still pending!



I understand Cloudflare implemented Always use HTTPS to make it more convenient than setting up page rules, the only problem is that it really should be sensitive to the STATUS of SSL Certificate.

Please reconsider implementation of Always Use HTTPS so that we can turn it on, and know that it’ll ONLY be enforced if we have valid SSL Certificate running!

Scenario where this is effective is when using the API to setup a new domain, you want to enable Always use SSL, but you can’t, you have to instead POLL the api over the next few days looking for when the SSL has finished setup THEN enable Always use HTTPS - thats very inefficient.


Thanks for sharing. I’ve circled up with some folks from the SSL team and this is something that is under consideration. I’ll add your feedback to the notes!


Thanks Ryan!

How can I be notified when this is patched?

Right now we have to run cronjobs to compensate, but once you correct the behavior, we can eliminate that portion of our process.