"Always use HTTPS" not working [Dreamhost]

I am using Dreamhost integration and I have my SSL working. I have “Always use HTTPS” enabled, but it is not redirecting to https. Whynopadlock.com is showing it is not being enforced - is there anything else I need to do? Thank you.

this might be related to Dreamhost’s implementation of Cloudflare. Looks like DreamHost still sets their server IP at the origin (the root) and Cloudflare only protects the www subdomain.

So when you first visit the website via HTTP, it redirects http://wisewaysupply.com -> http://www. wisewaysupply.com -> https://www.wisewaysupply.com, which is an issue for HSTS and for whynopadlock since there is an HTTP in the redirect chain, even though it’s not really an issue.

Note that when I visited with http it did redirect to https, so you should be all good and the above issue shouldn’t prevent your website from not being secure.

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