Always Use HTTPS - images are not showing on WP website

I have activated CloudFlare yesterday, and Flexible SSL (on cloudflare and installed wordpress plugin). There is a problem my website occasionally is not available, showing error " This site can’t provide a secure connection" (twice so far I have noticed). But except that, some images are not showing on website.

I have turned on " Always Use HTTPS" and " Automatic HTTPS Rewrites", and noticed some images are served with https url and some with http. Those served with http (not https) are not showing. I couldn’t find pattern which images got https, as more or less they are all created an uploaded at same time. This error seems random…

Also I found out if i upload new image, that image is served with https and is visible.
As it is wordpress website, I am not sure I can rewrite all media http to https addresses.

If I go to inspect element, and change http to https to image not showed, it appears normally.

Do you know how to fix the problem?
By the way, at this very moment I am writing post, website is not available as “secure connection failed”

Looking forward to hear from you. And thanks in advance!

website url: (you can try http, or https or anything you want…)

That’s a Mixed Content issue:

Hi sdayman!
Thanks for quick reply.

I do have " Automatic HTTPS Rewrites" turned on, but problem is still there. In article you shared there is no explanation to solve it. However, I did some research based on your reply and the article. I am using " SSL Insecure Content Fixer" wp plugin now, and images are back.

For other people with similar problem, just install the plugin. For more info, take a look at this post:

Disclaimer: I am not affiliate/contributor or something to wpbeginer website. I spent hours trying to solve the problem, and couldn’t make till now. I am sharing this to help other with the problem.

Best regards,

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Good find on the plugin. Plugins come and go, and the one I used to suggest doesn’t seem to be available anymore.

The Tutorial also linked to this article:

Seems like this is the same plugin. In my case, it worked. Hope to stay that way

Sdaynab, do you maybe have a clue why it there frequent secure connection error? It all happened after connecting to CloudFlare. Actually I noticed first time after adding SSL. At one moment website works normally, at another there is secure connection error