Always Use HTTPS enabled, still seeing port 80 requests

Hi, I have enabled the “Always Use HTTPS” yet I’m still seeing log entries to port 80. What am I doing wrong?

I’m using cloudflare for DNS and have enabled HSTS as well.

I’m really not sure what more information I can provide to help troubleshoot this. What options do I need to enable to ensure cloudflare is always redirect http requests to https?

Of course I’ve also searched for similar previous questions, but they all seem to involve something more than what I’m trying to do.

Make sure you use the Full (strict) SSL mode in Cloudflare, not Flexible.

Flexible sends all requests to your server unencrypted, via port 80.

Ah, thank you for the info. So is it necessary to purchase a cert from cloudflare or can I use a letsencrypt cert for this?

You can use a LetsEncrypt cert or use a free Cloudflare Origin Certificate. Cloudflare does not sell certificates.