My wordpress website made using Rishi Companion Theme is facing an issue while viewed through mobile phone. i.e., Menu is not working when i enable cloduflare Flexible SSL ( i dont have or purchased SSL certificate so i am using flexible free Cloudflare SSL).
Please can someone guide what is goning wrong in mobile view? I tried everything including changing different cache plugins… but this issue only arise when i enable SSL flexible from Cloudflare without it the Menu does work but then browser give error that site is not secure that will ruin the whole user experience. my website is

Need help !

Which means you have an insecure site and need to fix that first.

Pause Cloudflare and talk to your host to have your site properly secured. Once that works, you can unpause Cloudflare and these issues will be fixed as well.

i want to go with free stuff as it is just an information site but client should not get warning. Do you mean i purchase SSL? which i am not inclined to spend money. ! Please any other way around?

  1. Certificate have been free for almost two decades
  2. It’s actually not unreasonable to pay for a certificate
  3. If you need SSL, you need to configure your server accordingly
  4. Follow the steps in my previous reply to fix your issue
  5. You can check out Let’s Encrypt and Cloudflare Origin certificates

If you say you do not need SSL, just switch the encryption mode to “Off”. The site will still load fine and there won’t be a warning page.

I do need it to present my website as secure. and dont wana spend too. Come on if i have flexible SSL Cloduflare available then only issue is Menu in mobile is not working. how to deal with it?

If you need SSL, then - as I mentioned earlier - you need to configure your server accordingly and just need to follow the steps at Always Use HTTPS - CAUSE MOBILE VIEW ISSUE - #2 by sandro.

I would also point out Always Use HTTPS - CAUSE MOBILE VIEW ISSUE - #4 by sandro once more

  1. Check
  2. Check
  3. Yes
  4. Pending
  5. Pending

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