Always show me “待处理的名称服务器更新”

I added the domain name in CloudFlare, but it keeps prompting me “待处理的名称服务器更新” (meaning pending nameserver update), I used another DNS provider to make sure the nameservers are live, but CloudFlare keeps prompting me to update name server.

My domain name is

More:\ was added after adding CloudFlare nameservers didn’t work.

You should remove both Vercel’s nameservers in Freenom. Right now, the new Cloudflare nameservers are not even propagated.

Vercel 的两个名称服务器必须被移除。


After I removed it, it didn’t seem to have any effect. I have tried it in the morning.
And I waited a morning + afternoon.

You should wait for up to 24 hours. You can use to monitor the propagation.

But after this I tried to use Vercel’s DNS server and it worked immediately.

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