Always pulled from Origin Website


I use Plesk Server. I have free LetsEncrypt SSL certifcate installed in my server. Also, I got the certificate from CloudFlare, but when the website is loading it is using the LetsEncrypt certificate and not cloudflare. Because of this there is a huge data being used in the webserver.

It sounds like your website isn’t going through Cloudflare. What’s the domain?

It is

I see it is going through Cloudflare. Your cache expiration for static resources is 4 hours. When I visit, most all of the CSS, JS, and Image files are a HIT from Cloudflare Cache upon reload.

But when the original site is down, cloudflare isn’t showing the site from cache. It says the host server is down immediately. Should I tweak something in my cloudflare?

There’s an Always Online feature:

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