Always Online Trigger Error Conditions

Hi, in “Always Online” help section, it’s written as - Always Online will only trigger for specific error conditions, namely 500,503 or 4XX series errors.

But in this Link it’s saying - Always Online will not be triggered for other HTTP response codes, such as 404s, 500, 503, database connection errors, internal server error, or empty replies from server.

Which one is right?

i guess first one is right

Think someone from Cloudflare will need to confirm as the statements clearly contradict each other. My gut tells me the article you linked is correct, as it was posted this week (and makes more sense technically).

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Yes Andy, there is no way it can work for 503 error if I am not wrong.

This is an excellent question. I’m getting to the bottom of this now and we will update the pages accordingly. Stay tuned!


Confirmed that the HELP language next to the feature is wrong. “…will only trigger…” is being changed to “…will not trigger…”

Not sure how soon it will be rolled out, but hopefully not too long.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!