"Always Online" Setup For Dynamic Site

Been with Cloudflare for years, but the “Always Online” feature has never seemed to work correctly. I’m assuming it’s related to the fact that my network of sites are all dynamic/news-related, but I’ve been unable to find anything in the documentation or the community posts regarding how to correctly set it up for a dynamic site.

When my sites DO go down, they always result in a 522 error.

Has anyone had success with this?

That should work. Sad to say, I’ve had Always Online pop up when I’ve messed up a server configuration file. So I know it works. In your situation, it sounds like it should work as well. Um…if you’ve enabled it, which you probably have.

Yeah, it’s a little odd. It used to work somewhat (at least for the homepage), but then I moved all of my headline fetching duties out to external JSON calls. Even with that, I would think that the cached homepage would come up, but with just the site wrapper (i.e. no headlines)… I’m sure there’s something I’m missing, but I’m not sure what :frowning:

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