Always Online never works (502 error)

I often see the Cloudflare AO crawler in the logs, reading a couple dozen pages at a time (starting from the homepage, obviously).
Well, whenever I come across a 502 error, the Cloudflare error page says that they can’t communicate with the other server due to a 502 error, but AO is not available because no page has been cached (not even the homepage).
Bottom line: Always Online never works for me.

This may help you out. - works as expected (not photoshop).

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Hi @komarEX I had already read the help page before I wrote my post. Anyway, the page confirms that “In order to trigger Always Online, your web server will need to be returning a standard HTTP Error code of 502 or 504 timeout” which is what happens in my case (502 error, as the Cloudflare error page says), without triggering Always Online though :confused:
Reading the comments here it seems I’m not the only one.

Always Online is a joke. I never seen it working in any website that used CF and threw a 502 error.

I’ve got multiple Cloudflare Pro websites setup - and have a setup where a 504 error is being thrown. Always online does not activate. I’ve been in touch with support and they simply point me to their page over here - which has been read - - but nothing obvious for my setup.

I have seen always online in some of my Apache logs - but not all - and these are Pro websites.

Has anybody else done any research into this to discover whether or not the Always Online feature works reliably all the time - I’m struggling to see where things are going amiss.


I got the same problem here, always online never works (i got error 502 with my website), it already happens several times, i’ve registered to cloudflare for several features and this one was one of the most usefull so if it doesn’t work…, i’ve read the documentation like the others, and the blog post about always online v2 7 years ago, and nothing changed since,

Thanks you