Always online feature in Page Rules disappeared

I don’t see the Always online feature in the Page Rules list anymore.
Can we help to figure out what happened?

This document, which was last updated three months ago, doesn’t list it:

If it used to be an option, it’s possible it was removed during the Always Online update:

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yep, thanks!
That’s the point. It was there 100%.
As an option, it was transferred to another place (Chaging tab or somewhere else), but I didn’t find it :frowning:

It’s still available. It’s under Caching → Configuration

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That’s a global option.
But I need to turn it off for some urls only (for example login page shouldn’t be covered by AlwaysOnline option)

So, I need Always Online option in the Page Rules to turn it off

Internet Archive scans all publicly accessible pages.

What problem are you trying to solve?

I use a web bot that logs in to my website and does some scenarios.
If Always Online feature is active, the bot will try to log in because the login form will be there.
That’s one of my goals to keep AlwaysOnline feature disabled.
Of course, I can create some workarounds for it. But I want to know what happened with this feature at first :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi! A few months ago we sent out a notice regarding Always Online moving to the new platform that was backed by the Internet Archive. The whole zone is their preferred method of crawling but do also archive links found on that page. Crawling pages is really their core-competency. So long as the pages follow their guidelines for crawling then they will be in the archive. I would doubt a login page would be very interesting for them to crawl and would likely have headers or other policies indicating it’s not worth the crawl. (general info on their service here: Wayback Machine General Information – Internet Archive Help Center) If you want more pages, there are many tools available to add specific content into the Archive as well.

As I understand it means we completely lost this feature and can’t manually exclude specific pages. So pitty. :frowning:
Thanks for the answer!

There are numerous way to remove and exclude archived pages. For example: The Internet Archive's Policies On Archival Integrity and Removal. Many other options too. Hope this helps.

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I meant on the CF side. Cool, thanks!

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