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Hello. Why dont the static cache page display when the server gets down? Instead it shows the following error for my website


Always Online only activates for specific issues. From the KB:

In order to trigger Always Online, your web server will need to be returning a standard HTTP Error code of 502 or 504 timeout. Always Online will also work when we encounter issues contacting your origin (Cloudflare Errors 521 & 523), timeouts (522 & 524), SSL errors (525 & 526) or an unknown error (520). Always Online will not be triggered for other HTTP response codes, such as 404s, 500, 503, database connection errors, internal server error, or empty replies from server.


Can I use another CDN such as amazon web services cloudfront along with Cloudflare https and cache turned on? Will there be any issue if I do so ?


Sure! I host a static site at Amazon S3…not even using Cloudfront. I use a CNAME in my DNS:

Cloudfront probably provides SSL, but for my non-Cloudfront setup, I just use Flexible SSL.


I had that same error, found a fix to it by going into the Crypto settings, and changing it to FLEXIBLE.
Might not be the same error, but just stating what worked for me.

EDIT: Checked your website and saw that you found a solution.

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