Always Online doesn't work on Wordpress with error 522

This is a followup to this thread:

In short, my hoster blocks the Kiev Cloudflare data center, and as a result users from Ukraine get the 522 Connection timed out error. The hoster doesn’t want to unblock it, and I don’t want to change a host at this point.

I thought that it would be nice if visitors from Ukraine will at least be able to see a cached version of the website with the “Always Online” feature of Cloudflare. But the thing is, it doesn’t work on my website. I tried to find information about it, and found lots of users’ comments which say that it doesn’t work for them too. From what I found, the feature should be working for error 522.

My website URL is “ra mmichael .com” (remove spaces), and is a Wordpress blog. Here’s a Ukrainian web proxy which demonstrates the 522 error:

How can I troubleshoot the Always Online malfunction? How do I make it work? Thanks.

Guys? Anyone?

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