Always Online Customer Pages

I’m trying to setup a custom page for then the site is offline…
Always Online is turned on.
The Always Online Error has a custom page that’s showing in preview and is published.
But when I turn the server off for a few seconds, the default CloudFlare page is showing.
What have I missed?

What error code does it say and have you set up the Custom Page for that series of error codes?

It says to include:

This is in the code, however, I’ve used CSS to hide it.

You must include that text (and have it be visible) because it will display the error code to the user.

We don’t want to show the error code to the user… we have a generic message.

But are you suggesting that if the text isn’t visible, the page will revert back to the default error page?

Yes that is my understanding.
You can put it at the bottom of the page “out of the way” but I believe it must be shown because these tokens provide diagnostic information such as Client’s IP, Ray ID and Geographical Location that will appear on your custom error page, allowing support teams to identify issues quickly.

I’ll try this & let you know…
Thanks very much for your help…

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I’ve now tried with this suggestion but I’m still getting the default Cloudflare page when the site is offline.

I’ve followed the instructions in - even trying the “Custom Page example” code on the page (with the correct ::ALWAYS_ONLINE_NO_COPY_BOX:: tag). Again, as soon as the site is offline, we get the default Cloudflare page.

Because I’ve used the “Custom Page example” code & it’s still not showing, I wonder if there another issue?

From the Troubleshoot common custom pages issues section:
We don’t “block countries or IP addresses with IP Access Rules” & we don’t “block countries or IP addresses with Firewall Rules”
I’ve used an HTML validator to ensure that the page resolves properly (my code & the “Custom Page example”).
And I’ve confirmed that the custom error page (and it’s assets) has an HTTP 200 status code.

I’m not sure what to try next…

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