Altomatic ddos protection

Hello, recently my website was under a DDoS attack
and yes, I manually turned on I’m under attack (captcha)

I wonder how I can make it automatic (I’m a free user) sth like (well it looks like I can’t put other company here so just guess it), as soon as DDoS attack it auto turn on the I’m under attack or the firewall rule that I created or is there a GitHub premade, or I should create one (which i don’t know how to) to do it via API ?

It would be awesome if someone help me

Here’s a good reference:

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It could be a great video, but IMHO it turns into a rant as to how secure his website is and doesn’t really enlighten the viewer.



I understand that people that carry on with these attacks deserve little respect but I’d put some boundaries :sweat_smile:

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There is quite a bit of ranting, but I’ve yet to see a detailed comprehensive approach such as this documented anywhere else.


I will make sure to reach out to you once my current research is ready :smiley:. I too noticed a lack of information in the field.

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Hello his slotion only works if you have a vps witch i do GitHub - guided-hacking/cfautouam: Automatically enables CloudFlare Under Attack Mode - Bash Scrip here is the script he used
but still what about other’s that just use a cpanel hosting or any providers

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His scripts are certainly good for automating Cloudflare settings, which is the only way to do this short of having an Enterprise plan with better bot management. At lot of the other tips he shared were pretty manual, like looking at traffic and configuring firewall rules accordingly.

What is the domain?

So is there any ways to make it automatic for free ?

You can turn on IUAM manually, but I don’t know if you can do it with a free plan

I know I can use I’m under attack manually, but I want to make it automatic as i was sleep at the ddos time

Or i don’t know turn this on via api in python or JavaScript

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You can most certainly do that.

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