Alternatives to self service terms

Are there alternatives to the Cloudflare Self-Serve Subscription Agreement?

I’m looking to help some customers using cloudflare services but the current terms don’t allow reselling.

The partner program is not possible considering the low volume and that we want to serve our customers using the same domain name.

Right now I’m on the free plan. Does pro or business plans allow using their service in behalf of our customers.

Note: I am not your lawyer, and I am not Cloudflare’s lawyer.

2.2 Restrictions

Unless otherwise expressly permitted in writing by Cloudflare, you will not and you have no right to:

(a) rent, lease, loan, export, or sell access to the Cloud Services to any third party;

Assuming your agreement with your clients gives you whatever permission to change your client’s nameservers to and you tell them they’re going to use Cloudflare, you probably won’t be violating this section of the self-serve terms. “sell” is ambiguous on purpose but I would suspect it’s not widely enforced; many people here manage client websites without issue.

If you want to stay on the safe, your best setup would be:

  1. have the client sign up for Cloudflare
  2. client sets up their own credit card in Cloudflare for billing
  3. client invites you as an admin on the account (via the members page) (or they provide you their API Token/API key)
  4. they or you add their domain(s) and you can perform your services as you wish

This would put your relative position as simply selling your expertise in managing Cloudflare sites, not reselling the service.


What do you mean by ambiguous, as in dual contradicting meanings?
To me the wordings sound like it’s not allowed and nothing else.
Do you mean it’s broad on purpose?

I’m afraid your workarounds will not work unless I also register a new domain for the customer because it’s not an option to migrate their infrastructure to Cloudflare only for this small service.

My reading of the terms does not exclude you from providing professional services to clients when they happen to be Cloudflare customers, and in line with Cloudflare recommendations they can add any additional administrators they need to manage their account.

Depending on the nature of your business, Cloudflare for SaaS might be appropriate.

(I am not a lawyer. Always read the label. Consult your doctor before undertaking a new exercise regimen).

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I see I was a bit vague in my initial wording, by “help customers using cloudflare” I didn’t mean to help them in them using cloudflare.
What I meant was to help them where I’m using cloudflare as part of my toolbox.

For example, say I’m working at and I host a customer dashboard at
May I use the product “cloudflare access” to protect that site?
May I charge the customer extra if they want the site protected vs if it’s not protected?

Note that it’s our product running at the subdomain, we’re not offering protection services in general which would clearly be a matter of reselling.

These semantics (And your intent) are exactly the things that determine if you are violating CF’s terms- again, this is not legal advice, but in that situation it would seem like you’re reselling Cloudflare’s features which is against the TOS.

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