Alternatives for the Retired "Accelerated Mobile Links" Feature?

Hi there,

The retired “Accelerated Mobile Links” feature which serves a cached AMP site to mobile visitor was really useful for me, in particular that my responsive website is quite slow when viewed from mobile. I really don’t understand why the feature was removed from Cloudflare… (the AMP real URL thing is nice, but it does not boost performance…)

Now that I need to setup AMP redirect in my website instead, it does not works very well with Cloudflare, especially that it is not possible to use the “cache everything” rule anymore. When the “cache everything” rule is enabled, Cloudflare would serve the regular desktop site to mobile visitor (or AMP site to desktop visitor), which is not feasible at all.

I would like to know if Cloudflare would relaunch a similar feature in the future, or if there are any alternatives / workarounds that’s available.

Many thanks.

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