Alternative DNS roating with 3rd party DNS provider

Hello Guys,

am new to CloudFlare comunity and am cosidering onboarding all of our domains to CloudFlare with PRO plan.

My issue is, that our company would like to retain 3rd party DNS provider. Cloudflare offer the option of CNAME record manipulation as an alternative.

According to some, this is not optimal solution and it might cause multiple issues.

Please, would it be possible to provide me with explenation of the limitations related to routing via 3rd party DNS provider for the domain setup?

Thank you in advance.

Filip Calta

Something like this can only be done on an Enterprise Plan, or if you’re using the new DNS Foundations product, which is also probably expensive, as it falls into the Enterprise category. There’s not much documentation on the DNS Foundations product at the moment, though. You’d have to contact Sales if you wish to pursue this.

For the same reason you shouldn’t straddle two DNS systems: The potential to have inconsistent DNS records.

A CNAME setup is available on the business plan.

It’s more complicated to manage, it assumes your current DNS provider has adequate DDoS protect, DNS lookups will be slower, it can’t protect the Apex unless your provider supports ANAME records. But it works just fine. Thousands of companies use it.

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Hi sdayman,

thank you for your response and insight.

Ive already contacted sales department, in order to doublecheck it.


Hi Cscharf,

thank you for your comment and insight.

We will probably need to reconsider the current DNS setting, in order to move forward.


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