Altering DNS

I have tried multiple times to change my DNS in cloudflare I order to link it up with QUIC cloud but it keeps on telling that my DNS is not pointing to QC. What could be the problem??

If you are setting an A, AAAA or CNAME, likely it needs to be set to “DNS only” and not “Proxied” for them to validate it has been set.

Yes I did that too

What is the domain and the DNS records you are setting?

The domain is and I’m trying to set it to CNAME and on cloudflare I set the type to CNAME under name I set it to my web and under IPv4 I set it to the CNAME address’s

Although Cloudflare lets you set a CNAME for your apex domain, it can only return IP addresses to comply with the requirement that the apex domain must have an IP address.

You would need to set the CNAME for www set to “DNS only” (or another subdomain) instead so the host can resolve it to validate it. You can then set up a redirect for to on Cloudflare.

thank you so much

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