Alt-svc onion header is never sent

I’ve check with Tor browser and Brave tor browser, the alt-svc for the Cloudflare tor pop is never sent.
The only alt-svc header is h3 if I activate the Quic network service. If http3/Quic is disable no alt-svc…

@More Help should be used if you do not get any reply after 72 hours

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Are you still seeing this issue? I’ve just checked my own domains, and I see the alt-svc header in Tor browser. (Copying the request to cURL does not display the header)

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yes this is the alt-svc I get with latest Tor browser, browsing to :

alt-svc: h3=":443"; ma=86400, h3-29=":443"; ma=86400

Do you have Onion Routing enabled in the Network tab?

Yes !

I just tested it with my own zones, and I’m having issues too. On the first zone I only get the Alt-Svc (with onion routing address) header on certain subdomains, while on the second zone I get it on the apex too :thinking:

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@MoreHelp please help us since it appears to be an issue…

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I am actually getting the header on your domain. I requested a new TOR circuit and it works on my apex domain too now. Could you see if that fixes the issue for you too? That definitely shouldn’t be necessary, but I cannot say what might be the cause.

No same if I request a new Tor circuit !

Tor browser is latest:


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