Also have a rate limit error


I also having the same problem. what i have to do now? anyone can help? thank you

Too Many Requests Code: 1118

it still doesn’t work after a day and support dint reply me. What i have to do now?


Can you start by sharing your ticket number, perhaps domain if you like and also verify the steps you’re taking and the specific error you receive?

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ticket id is 1656031.
click add site at dash cloudflare, then fill in the new domain and click add site. the error will be appear at bottom (Too many requests (Code: 1118))

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still unable to add new site


It has been a while…what is the status of all the other sites you just added? Did they all go active at some point?


Now got 400++ free plan domains already.
Some already active, some still pending nameserver update.
Then suddenly cannot add any sites and show “Too Many Request (1118) error”


I know Rate Limiting clears up eventually, but maybe @cloonan can check the status of your ticket.

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I’ll take a look, good tip on this issue here, Problem with Too many requests (Code: 1118) when trying to add bigger amount of domains.

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