Already on Cloudflare but being asked to change NamedServers

Hi Guys,
Joined one site to Cloudflare via Siteground. I had an older free account with Cloudflare now inaccessible as logging in joined the 2 sites on Cloudflare - now wants me to change the Named servers form Cloudflare to Cloudflare and is stuck on “waiting for name change” should I change the named servers on Cloudflare and if so how?

Did it tell you two different name servers? If so, you’d have to go to your domain registrar and make that change.

I had changed from the domain register to cloudflare originally and now domain says that cloudflare is the registered named servers, it is up to cloudflare but cloudflare info say " you need to change the named servers to be with cloudflare. Change from xxxx.cloudflare to yyyyy.cloudflare to continue" how do I change the cloudflare namedservers to the ones they now want me to use?

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